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Touch-Up Blackening

KBS blacking set for use in mechanical engineering, tool making and model making or for gun care. For steel, cast iron and tin: KBS 7010 (100 ml), KBS 7020 (1 l) For bronze, copper, brass: KBS 7011 (100 ml), KBS 7021 (1 l ) For aluminium: KBS 7012 (100 ml), KBS 7022 (1 l )
KBS blacking system is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, without salt residues.
Degreaser KBS1010 Cold blacking solutions Neutralix Corrosion protection oil KBS 4900 – dry protect  
The alcoholic degreaser removes grease and persistent soiling deposits. KBS 1010 degreaser comes ready to use. 
You can blacken using cloths, brushes or sponges – with the brushed blacking solution. KBS 3005 for iron, castings, steel, tin KBS 3015 for brass, bronze, copper KBS 3075 for aluminium 
Supplement works as a corrosion inhibitor for rinse water to maintain the pH level above 7. Provides very good neutralisation after low-temperature blacking. Corrosion protection for blackened parts. Free from organic solvents; guaranteed long-lasting corrosion protection and a dry surface.  
KBS-type blacking method