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Z-200 LIBS Analyser (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy)

Z-200 LIBS Analyser (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy)
  • Z-200 LIBS Analyser (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy)


The most advanced, highest performance and lightest handheld LIBS Platform
            The Z-200 is configured to analyze all variety of alloy bases. Laser is particularly good for aluminum alloys due to the superior analysis (compared to X-ray) for magnesium and silicon. Laser will also measure lithium (Li), beryllium (Be) and boron (B) in alloys. 
           For the mining industry, the Z-200 is widely used to complement XRF analysis, mainly to quantify either elements XRF cannot measure such as Li, Be, B, C, Na (for fluorine see the Z-300) or for the microanalysis capability available in the Geochem Pro App available with the Z. For more research or academic oriented users, the Z offers great flexibility.

Argon Purge: key to precise alloy chemistry

         The Z is the ONLY handheld LIBS with an integrated, user-replaceable argon purge. As any OES user will attest to, operating in an argon purge environment delivers 10x or more intensities, thus yielding far superior precision and limits of detection compared to air-based LIBS.

Dirty Samples? - Superior Laser Technology

       Dirty scrap? Oxidized or dusty metal components? The Z features novel cleaning mode to eliminate the need for grinding or surface prep – a critical requirement and something no other handheld laser unit offers. Cleaning mode fires the laser at 50 Hz (50 shots/second). After 0.2 sec 10 laser blasts have obliterated surface contamination, then the Z takes data from the cleaned surface. The Z delivers the same answer whether the surface is clean or dirty! For carbon testing sample prep is always required.

        The Z eliminates sample surface effects that plague other handheld LIBS instruments. With the Z, you rarely have to grind a sample prior to analysis. The Z’s laser method fires at 50 Hz (50 pulses/second) on a single location to burn away sample contamination and dirt over a 0.2 s period, then collects spectral data for 0.3 s for chemical analysis. The laser optics then rasters automatically to repeat this process for several more locations. The result is precise, repeatable chemistry after 1-2 seconds of testing. The Z’s patented combination of sample “cleaning” and rastering eliminates variability from dirt or surface contamination. Rastering averages out localized (50 um) effects from grain boundaries or inclusions. 

Tune and Customize your Calibrations with Profile Builder

                 SciAps Profile Builder (PB) frees you from factory locked calibrations. With PB, users may add new elements, expand calibration curves and add type calibrations. Any analytical feature you’re accustomed to from an OES is available, or can be added. 

              Built on the Android Platform, users experience easy, intuitive operation with wireless, Bluetooth and GPS capabilities allowing seamless connectivity to any Android device or PC. This makes sharing and reporting data easier than ever with a hand held analytical device. Android’s easy updates of on-board software eliminates the legacy upgrade difficulties inherent in proprietary platforms. Print single page PDFs or testing data to your WiFi or wired printer, share data with your computing platform


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